Wednesday, March 2, 2011

人间有爱 (1)t-shirt


成人t-shirt 的尺寸
S-胸围-19 长度-26
M-胸围-20 长度-27
L-胸围-21 长度-28
XL胸围-22 长度-29

如已经进金钱给我,买t-shirt朋友,记得Email 给我你的Atm Receipt /online banking Reference 号码,给我你的地址,我收到钱后会回复你,大概几时会寄出那些衣服,记得用Email订购。

for those friend had sent me the money for purchasing t-shirt .please send me and email at these info.your atm /online banking reference number sizes and quantity .i will then revent to you when will i proceed the delivery with using poslaju.


I used two to three months to start designing the T-Shirt. In the beginning, I designed few patterns, and the design patterns had been changed. It is because the design does not match the my ideal topic, I was kept thinking using what design pattern for the topic. But after sometimes, suddenly I had a thought of a topic and the design able to match together, the topic and the design is “LOVE in the world”.
“Love in the World” with the coupled picture design is very interesting. A man and a woman, representing the world, and the heart is representing the love. Men and women holding hands together also have the meaning with love. The T-Shirt is suitable for couples.
Current T-Shirt design only white colour is available. RM20 for a T-Shirt, size including S,M,L, and XL.
All the T-shirts’ sales are going to be my personal funds. It includes my traditional Chinese medical and Western medical. The funds also include my future living cost. It is because this year my father is 70 years old. I need to prepare for my future planning.
Adult T-Shirt Size
S Size- Bust(19), Length(26)
M Size- Bust(20), Length(27)
L Size- Bust(21), Length(28)
XL Size- Bust(22), Length(29)

(1) I use Posjalu for the delivery service. The postage fee is RM6. So totally price for a single T-Shirt is RM26.
Only restrict the Peninsula. Sabah and Sarawak is another price. If you are from Sabah or Sarawak and you are wish to order it, you need to bear the postage fee, and I can send to you.
(2) Without any postage (self-collect), RM20.
In Malaysia, the cheapest postage fee is Poslaju. I had made up the decision to use Poslaju to send out the T-Shirt. It is fast and guaranteed. I am not going to select other cheaper postage service for delivery. The important things is to able sent out and reach, safe and guaranteed.

p/s; For my convenience, I only send for Malaysia only. As easy to calculate, the shipping price only one for West Malaysia. East Malaysia is using another shipping price.
If you want me to send out of Malaysia, I need to consider send to which country. It is because different country has different postage fee. So if you are willingly to pay the postage, I will reconsider send to you.

How to order?
Send your email to, please include your purchase information, your name, shipping address, phone number, and your T-Shirt size. I will reply to you, and use Poslaju delivered to you.
For those friends had deposit the money for purchasing t-shirt .please send me an email with these info.your atm /online banking reference number sizes and quantity .i will then revert to you when will i proceed the delivery with using poslaju. Please use Email to contact me. Thanks!


  1. Pei Lee,你的设计终于出炉了,人间有爱~很好看~希望可以大卖哦·~